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08 November 2015 @ 09:30 am
Since I plan to revamp my journal... this post will be basically the top of my journal!  Ahaha! Though still I think this journal would still be 98% public! :D

Woot almost done! Wait for the completion of my LJ by next week! :D

*25% under construction!*

Apparently don't have much time editing things. ROFL. so I think this journal will remain picture less and epicless due to my busy yet boring life. Ahehe.

And oh leave a comment here if you plan to add me unless 1) I was the one who initiated the add on friending meme; 2) just RL friends add I meet during fanmeetings.  :D

I miss NEWS so much that when I saw again the Hoshi wo Mezashite acapella clip made me cry. I love this part most of all they look all happy! Huggles to katrinasacay for giving in to my request! I owe you more things than one!
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So its been awhile since I wrote something tangible here. Hmmm... well I am a lazy person to be honest.... but things pile up before me and yeah I get busy. Fudge... fandom has become RL for the past couple of months since I become an active promoter of  jpop in the Philippines. Its kind of stressing at one end that your weekends are pack with meetings and fandom stuff but still there is a part that its serious business not like how it was before.

Also in this past year, I juggle so many fandoms and fwaaah... I end up with empty pockets. ;______; tho actually the end is more important and I am happy. :DDDDD

So yeah... as I said too many fandoms. So what have I been doing for the past year?! Drugged by kanjani8 with their wackiness and member dynamics, amazed and make my day epic with kisumai, blinded by my ultimate boy yamapi and again touched by how NEWS stand up amid trials. Seriously I love this 3 units and a solo the best in all johnny's!

Then I go to loving my precious ukes. ok saito takumi and hamao kyosuke are like the best there yet and I melt seeing them! XD Also they are the bait to the yaoi world. ahohohohoho. OMG my feels for yaoi!

Also I am educating myself with Amuse ent (tho may ultimate favorite amuse guys would be takeharu), The d-boys, d-date, d2 or watanabe and a bit of akb. Not to forget I need to get updated with larc. and yes this is my world.


its a drug I just get more addicted and a warphole that pulls me to my goal of going to Japan, watching my boy's concerts and then go get a boyfriend. lolz. ok the laast part is non-sense and last of my priority.. :D
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10 September 2011 @ 08:29 pm
See where boredom takes me?! ANOTHER POST ON LJ! rofl. Well just dropping by to greet this boy now a man a big happy birthday! :D

I wonder how he'll do as Shu?! :D I can' help but laugh when I remember me and [info]zaq_in_chill thought that Uchi's singing voice tama-chan's sing voice sounds the same. ahahahaha! and by faith both with beautiful faces glorifying their PV. ahem... no pun intended but still... ROFL. time of our life.

hours later I'll post again for my birthday boy! :D ciao!  

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09 September 2011 @ 06:05 pm
ROFL. I've been away from LJ for quite sometime and its refreshing to write another non-sensical entry. ahahahaha! Well for one I am sick right now. lol. been to stress about work and at the same time fandom related activities that has been going around for quite some time and I have been supporting. So there my body just fell its natural track was to get some viral infection out of it. not to mention spasms of coughs and breathlessness. 

So on to it my rants... I dunno where to start srsly I have so much going inside my head.

1. I am getting into another fandom... I blame only myself that I get easily amazed with guys on rollerskates risking their lives any moment on their concerts. ok, I also blame one guy... TAMAAAAAA-CHAAAAAAAAAN! LOL. So yeah I got into the kis-my-ft2 fandom quite easily espcially with friends around me tagging me almost everything about  kisumai and lol. katrinasacay with so much senga. ahahahaha! now I dunno why I almost always remember it dunno now... if tama-chan has acted as a cat and pulled a "NYA" stunt on SC Nekketsu Jr League... hmmm where in the world does those mental images came from but I cannot find it the hardest I try to locate the clip. i dunno if anyone knew before the tama-chan hooked me I was all for taipi... lol.

2. Ikemen Desu Ne. Well this is one of the main reason why I am inlove with tama-chan and taipi the most. lol. tho tamamori has like more edge than taipi. ahahaha! anyways, I dunno but for me JGS pretty much portrayed Tae Kyung quite perfectly but I dunno Tamamori's acting blown me away like for reals. I didn't even expect that he would play the part initially cause I don't find it in tamamori's character to be primadonna. its more of taipi's character to be that way.  Also, for me the confession scene and tamamori's expression on the airport confession scene would be like one of those most romantic scenes I have seen. with tamamori's expression full of love. and omg I'll stop the rant cause I love the scene too much I had it as a wallie on my phone and its priceless. ok, I am addicted to IDN... I want the photobook, the album and all but monies. ;A; i shall settle for now on the local Everybody Go release and enjoy the freebies cause I am so buying all versions! :D yey for the ballers and the posters! :D

3. Sato Takumi. srsly why I began liking this guys is beyond myself. I dunno I restrained myself to watch Boy Love 1 but when I was bored and watched it omg I just fell in love with this fellow. its not like I haven't seen him on another movie but his impact on me on BL1 and amazing. So I swore of watching Hana Kimi but I watched it eventually for him Umeda sensei... KYAAAAAAA! , tomo and shohei. lol. me and my indesciveness.

4. I am loving IS. ok what draws me to the series was that female lead that I strongly associate with Suzuki Ann. She so much resemble her and I love suzuki ann. but then the story is quite complex and interesting that I had to finish up to the latest episode. and btw,,, I am so torn if I find it BL or just plain hetero love but I am rooting for Haru and Ibuki-san. ♥

5. Takumi-kun movie 5. I am outdated with the movie but I am still looking forward to it. espcially after seeing the behind the scenes before it was taken down from there. too bad. I wasn't able to rip it off. >.<

6. tacchon. HOLY SHET... I DIDN'T EXPECT TACCHON TO BE THAT DARING POSING FOR ANAN LIKE THAT! OMG... And because I was so excited I bought a spare copy of that ANAN... ok anyone who would like too but tacchonbutt...er anan from me? ahahahaha!

Srsly I am a drama freak this days... lol. I also gave heartstrings a try I like the first episode but I haven't I haven't moved on to the 2nd episode. I got so many priorities.

PS. my beloved Yasuda Shota will be 27 this sunday! I dunno if I'll be able to post so I am wishing him a early happy birthday when all the world wallow in the 9/11 american attacks. I am still gonna pull his hair of his head anytime soon if he doesnt fix it back to its original state. ahahaha!
31 May 2011 @ 01:53 am
Hi flist miss me?! lol. Well dropping by to say hi to every one! I was out of the loop for months on LJ. I always plan posting every since Pi's birthday but I always delay it until I can't come up with a proper post. *sigh* I miss being able to browse LJ for several hrs and stalk so much. But well my working condition drains me. I should have resigned when I was planning to but like my pathetic salary to increase I am still waiting for an rumored absorption/promotion. But its tiring. I will be having a deadline for that. Even my brother is protesting that I should resign. His pay is a lot higher than mine a small part of me is frustrated. Tho mostly I am happy that he is already working and knowing that his pay is higher than mine boost his confidence.

Anyways I am thinking of putting another proper post tomorrow wish me luck in fulfilling that. LOL. so much to rant about. BUT STILL YASU WHY THAT HAIR STYLE tho I CANNOT SEEM TO HATE YOU WITH HAIR I CAN  ONLY SIGH...
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17 March 2011 @ 12:11 am
I have been itching to make a post ages ago but I am always tired and distracted. Well especially with the disaster in Japan and how panicky our government scared that when something like that happens in our country there will be more damages. I will continue praying for Japan and for the world. We have to combat the Mayan civilization predictions with prayers that I believe.

Ah... so many things to rant about. RL I fail at my resolve to leave my current work. Dammit so many opportunities are opening that's why I cannot somehow bring myself to leave it. I will give it one last shot and if things never went my way I am really out.
Fandom wise.... I am crossing borders and not limiting myself to JE. LOL. well L'Arc was originally my first fandom love so its not a surprise if my fandom increased. Somehow I am getting to know hot guys and ridiculously I am loving Hamao Kyosuke  (thanks to otai for correcting my name fail) too much... maybe half-step behind yasuda and getting into watching BL movies and *gasp* I am liking yaoi. Well I have to acknowledge when you ship yasuba/subassan yaoi is not impossible to love. Gah... so many things I am behind. I am also trying to catch up with AK, BR  and karaokenatic and horde/watch more dramas. I am also getting myself immersed in the tenimyu world I cannot help it.

*ends incoherent ramblings here*
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