Won’t you stay by my side?

I want to stay by your side, because without you it's meaningless...

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It time to update my LJ! So basically I have expanded beyond my NEWS and Yamapi love and found the awesome Kanjani8, Big Bang and flumppol. I heavily have a JE bias (any group or person for that matter) I especially love Yamapi(my bait to the fandom) and Yasu (my bait to awesomeness!~) and of course their group. I live and abide by the unspoken fandom rules and I love to talk nonsense, fangirl and spend on my fandom (this fact leaves me always dirt poor). Musically wise I can listen to anything. My first love to the japanese music would be L'Arc thus some may have figured that my name was taken from my fail (abbreviation fail that is). Ahahaha!

I am friendly and you can always add me. Just make sure to introduse yourself and we have common interest. I tend to be whiny at times, and I am basically a comment whore I love to comment at random places.

What do I hate? insensitive people who can't distinguish a joke from an insult, bashers of my fandom (its ok to rant and once in awhile be against it but no hate pls), close-minded people.